How to Break a Bad Habit


You perform a habit without consciously thinking about it after you are cued by something in your environment. There are effective techniques you can use to break a bad habit.

A habit consists of a cue, routine, and a reward.

Make the Habit Invisible

According to Atomic Habits, you need to make habits invisible so that you don't have the initial thought to perform the habit.

When breaking a bad habit, be reflective and ask yourself:

"how do I make this aspect of the habit invisible".

For example, if you want to lose weight, you might start by eliminating junk food from your diet.

Clear your environment

You should start by completely hiding any visual cues (things that make you think or crave your bad habit).

For example, if you have donuts on your kitchen counter, put them in a container in a cabinet so you don't see them.

If you're working on breaking technology addictions, like bad habits with your laptop, put your laptop in a bag in your closet after you're done using it.


Change your routine

If you're focused on reducing junkfood, you need to avoid replenishing your kitchen with junkfood. 

For example, when you go to the store, you might plan your route so that you only shop the outskirts of the store where the healthy food is.

You could also order groceries using a healthy meal planning service.

If your driving commute takes you past a fast food place that you visit regularly, adjust your route so that you don't pass by the same place.

For smartphone addiction, put your phone in another room to charge at night instead of keeping it close by.



Avoiding Regression

After a month or two on a healthy food diet, you might notice that you don't crave junk food anymore. In fact, you might try it out again, but you might notice how bad it makes you feel or how low quality the ingredients are.

When I started locking down my technology, I started first with my smartphone.

Once I dealt with my smartphone, I realized after about 2 months that I had completely stopped misusing my phone. I had completely broken that habit.

So I focused on do this for every device I owned. These techniques helped me achieve a porn-free life

Locking down your technology will not cure you from your desire to watch porn, but it will significantly increase your success rate by removing the obvious "junk food" so that you aren't having to use so much willpower to reduce these obvious cues.

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