The most effective system for blocking porn on all your devices.

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Step-by-step Tutorials

Learn how to configure the best blocking methods and make them difficult to get around.

Internet Filtering

Get the best DNS filtering that works on any network.

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Not Another Porn Blocker...

Our interactive tutorials walk you through setting up an effective blocking system to stop compulsive porn viewing on your computers, smartphones, and all of your devices.

Configure better blocking

Implement sophisticated blocking techniques that actually work.

Prevent circumvention

Configure your devices so that blocking is difficult to get around or disable.


Modern Internet Filtering

The same technology that enables self-driving cars and helps social media websites auto-tag photos can also be used to identify and block adult content.

Get access to the most advanced DNS Filtering service.

Block porn anywhere

Filtering works on your home internet, roaming LTE, and even on the coffee shop's wifi.

Secure your internet

Protect yourself against malware, phishing, and cryptojacking.

Add privacy

Encrypted DNS block ads, trackers and adds privacy to your browsing.

What Members are Saying

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart man. It might sound a bit ridiculious but I have struggled with porn addiction for so long and it has caused massive feelings of shame and consequently affected everything from self-esteem to my dating life. YOUR service is the catalyst to my healing.


The guides were really clear once I read them! This managed devices thing is amazing, wish I'd had it when I first got a smartphone.


These methods cause self control to be used less which is great. I work remotely from home now and am on computers quite often. I think for people in our situations (or even if you are NOT in a situation like ours) these steps are 100% necessary!


Start Banning Porn from your Technology

Start Banning Porn from your Technology Life.

Break the endless cycle of Porn addiction with blocking techniques that actually work. More

Step-by-step Tutorials

Watch videos that walk you through exactly what to do without any 'fluff'.

Internet Filtering

Get access to the best internet filtering used by corporations.